2017 International Conference of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management Introduction

l   Date: 20th MAY - 21st May ,2017

l   Venue: National Taiwan Normal University

Ø  Advisers: Sports Department of the Ministry of Education & National Taiwan Normal University
Ø  Organizer: National Taiwan Normal University College of Sports & Recreation
Ø  Implementer: National Taiwan Normal University Graduated Institute of Sports, Leisure & Hospitality Management
Ø  Co-organizer: University of South Carolina College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management
l   Theme: Mega sport events and sustainable development of tourism
1. Sports:
(1) Sustainable development of sport tourism 
(2) Sustainable operation of the stadium after mega sport events
(3) Human resources management of mega sport events 
(4) Effectiveness evaluation of mega sport events
(5) The holding of mega sport events and the promotion of all people sport
2. Leisure:
(1) Mega sport events and leisure behavior 
(2) The impact of mega sport events on leisure environment
(3) Mega sport events and environmental issues 
(4) Mega sport events and technology application
(5) Mega sport events and leisure industry 
(6) Community construction
3. Tourism:
(1) Tourism resources and sustainable development
(2) Researches on tourism market and mega sport events
4. Hospitality:
(1) Food service operation and sustainable development 
(2) Sustainable praxis, health strategies and innovative thinking
(3) Innovative technology application in hospitality industry and mega spot events 
(4) Brand innovation and development of hospitality organization within mega sport events
5. Other issues related to sports, leisure and hospitality
1. Those who complete the two-day coference will receive the Certificate of Attendance in electronic edition within 30 days. 


2. All original contributors will be given the Certificate of Presentation on-site of the sessions.



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