Full-Time Teacher

Chairman and Distinguished Professor

Ph.D. in Sport and Leisure Policy, Loughborough University, United Kingdom

Research expertise: Sociology of Sport, Policy on Sport & Leisure, Development of Chinese Sport Industry, Globalization and Commercialization of Sport, Olympic Studies, Sport industry, Leisure and Child & Adolescent Development

  (02)7749-3234 & (02)7749-5397


Ching Li


Ph.D. in Environmental Science, State University of New York, United States

Research expertise:  Recreation Resource Management, Planning of Sport Facilities and Environmental Evaluation, Community Recreation, Leisure Behavior, Hiking Studies


Kuo-Ching Wang


Ph.D. in International Business Administration, Chinese Culture University, Taiwan

Research expertise: Trend Studies, Strategy Analysis in Hospitality and Case Studies, Development of Hospitality Education



Mei-Yen Chen


Ph.D. in Sport Administration, University of Northern Colorado, United States

Research expertise: Marketing & Management of Sport and Leisure, Organizational Behavior in Sport & Leisure, Consumer Behavior in Sport & Leisure, Sport Assessment and Statistics


 meiyentw@ntnu.edu.tw  & meiyen686@gmail.com

Chin-Yi Fang (Fred)

Professor & Associate Deam of Extension School of Continuing Education

Ph.D. in Business and Management,
National Chiao Tung University 

Research expertise: Sport facilities & Athlete Performance Evaluation, Social Media Marketing Efficiency in Hospitality, Business Models, Menu Engineering, Exhibition Project Management, Management Performance and Financial Analysis, Energy Efficiency


  fred@ntnu.edu.tw & chinyifang@gmail.com

Wen-Tseng Chu

Associate Professor

Ph.D.in University of Tsukuba

Research expertise: Statistics, Economics, Marketing, Financial Management, Baseball & Softball, Woodball, Photography



Po-Hsiu Lin      Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Physical Education, National Taiwan Normal University, Taiwan

Research expertise: Sociology of Sport & Leisure, Recreational Therapy, Management & Culture of Professional Sports, Globalization of Sports & Leisure, Sport and Leisure Anthropology, Cultural studies on Sport and Leisure, Baseball & Softball, Skii




Li-Jung Lin

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Park, Recreation, and Leisure Studies, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities, United States

Research expertise: Therapeutic Recreation, Horticultural Therapy, Leisure for the aging population, Dementia and Life Review Therapy



Athena Mak  
Associate Professor of Practice

PhD in Hospitality and Food Management, School of Hospitality and Tourism Management, University of Surrey, United Kingdom

Research expertise: Tourist Behavior, Gastronomy Tourism, Destination Image, Green Strategies of Hotels,  Tour Guiding Management



Co-employed teacher

Co-employed teacher

Co-employed teacher

Chih-Fu Cheng 


Research expertise: Sport Administration, Sport Management, Sport Marketing, Human Resource Management in Sports, Sport Organization and Leadership, Baseball/Softball



Shao-Hsi Chang 


Research expertise: Leisure Education, Sport & Leisure Industry, Health Promotion for the Elderly,  Leisure Event Planning, Recreation & Event Management, Boxing, Gymnastics, Swimming



Jui-Fu Chen


Research expertise: Sport Pedagogy, Physical and Sport Culture, Sport Ethics, Soccer



Part-time teacher

Ing-San Huang 
Emeritus Professor

Research expertise: Business Strategies, Marketing Management and Management Practices

Chun-Chi Wang


Research expertise: Sociology of Sports, Social Psychology of Sports, Leisure Activities, Game Culture

Wei-Ta Pan 
Assistant Professor

Research expertise: Food & Beverage Management, Franchise Management in Food & Beverage Industry, Innovative Business Models in Food & Beverage Industry, Hospitality Marketing, Hospitality Management, Hospitality Education, Hospitality Innovation & Entrepreneurship Education

Chun-Chi Wang 

Research expertise: Sport Administration, Planning & Management of Sport Facilities, Sport Periodization, Tennis, Athletics, Golf, Physical Fitness, Handball

Yuan-An Liu   

Associate Professor

Ph.D. in Human Environmental Sciences, Oklahoma State University, United States                   


Chen-Hsien Lee  

Assistant Professor Rank Specialist

Research expertise:  Brand management, Athlete marketing, Event planning, Team leadership, Partnership

Shu-Yi Chu 


Assistant Professor Rank Specialist

Research expertise: Enterprise Diagnosis, Human Resource Strategy, Organizational Development, Recruitment & Employment, Management of Performance, Human Resource Management.

Chang-Yu Chi 


Assistant Professor 

Research expertise: Sociology of Sport, 
Leisure Health Industry, Women's Leisure, Festival Research, dance

Administration Staff

Yu-Han Hong

Administrative Secretary

Job duties:

1. Teaching & curricular affairs of Master’s/doctoral programs (including internship program)  

 2. Student affairs of Master’s/doctoral programs (including regulations of degree requirements, scholarships, suspension/deferral of graduate program 

3. Admission of Master’s/doctoral programs (including admissions through screening and recommendations and entrance exams)  

4. Human resource affairs (including recruitments, faculty promotion review, evaluation, teacher evaluation committee) 

5. Holding meetings for institute affairs, curriculum committee meetings, admission committee meetings  

6. Miscellaneous affairs pertaining to above topics 

  • (02)7749-5399

  • fishworld@ntnu.edu.tw 

Yong-Chi Liu 

Administrative Secretary

Job duties:

1. General affairs (including expense planning, purchase & write-offs, managements of office properties & venue rentals, office maintenance)  

2.Evaluation business of our department 

3.Official document signing, filing and general work 

4.Graduate dynamics and alumni association business

5.Institute of Science and Technology plans to teachers and students, academia, business cooperative education program

6.Miscellaneous affairs pertaining to above topics


Ting-Yu Wu 

Administrative Secretary

Job duties:
1.In-service  master program business (including academic affairs, educational affairs, class affairs, enrollment, and fund write-off) 

2. International communication events

3.Management update and maintenance of our website and student database

4.Official fan club and community website management

5.Our cultural and recreational activities and document design business

6.Miscellaneous affairs pertaining to above topics