2020 International Conference of Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Management

   Since its foundation in 1999, Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure Management of National Taiwan Normal University has dedicated to the cultivation of professionals in the sports and leisure industry. We have held international conferences every year since 2000. In 2012, in response to the name changing of the graduate institute to Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management, our annual conference incorporated the topics on hospitality management, further expanding our field of focus in both academics and industry. With this international conference, we aim at creating an international platform for communications between industries, governments and academia. Over 19 years we have invited scholars, government officials, and experts in related industries from all over the globe including America, Oceania and Asia, and students also actively participate in this event. With the conference serving as a great platform, the attendants are offered an excellent opportunity to exchange information in the fields and to collaborate with one another with academic or industrial ideas. In addition, the attendants also build rapport during discussions. With 19 years of continuous efforts, our conference has gained its recognition and supports in related fields home and abroad. It is not lost on us that we shall always keep improving and bring innovative aspects to the conference every year by setting a visionary agenda, inviting renowned scholars worldwide for keynote speeches, and calling for scholars to present their researches at the conference.

1. Attendees


December 20, 2019~May 16, 2020

Single Registration

(Except the presenter, other authors of accepted papers shall register as attendees .)


*Application form download : 
*Registration fee
must be paid at the registration desk on May 16 2020 at the conference venue.

2. Presenters (Oral Presentation and Poster Presentation)

 December 20  , 2019 ~March 31 , 2020

Registration fee


*Abstract and registration form download: https://www.slhm.ntnu.edu.tw/page/international-conference#tab5tw88pe

*Email abstract and registration form to  icslhm2020@gmail.com

before 23:59 March 31,2020. Late Submission will not be accepted.

*Registration fee covers only One paper and One presenter.

*Registration fee must be paid at the registration desk on May 16, 2020 at the conference venue.




2020 ICSLHM is inviting research abstracts with original contributions, which are written in either Chinese or English. All abstracts will undergo a                         blind review process within two to four weeks of submission. Review results will be informed individually.     

Papers that do not meet the formatting requirements in the submission guidelines will not be accepted.

     三、多人合作之研究,應指定一人為主要通訊作者(Corresponding author)。
Papers with more than one authors should appoint one corresponding author.


                 Research abstracts submitted to 2020 ICSLHM should be original contributions and should not have been previously published nor under consideration           for publication elsewhere. Any abstract found being presented or published elsewhere will be rejected. 

The conference will provide several Research Excellence Awards for outstanding papers.    

     六、    Tel (02)7734-5400/ mail:  icslhm2020@gmail.com

For oral presentations, each presenting author is limited to submitting a maximum of one abstract.

(二)稿件繳交:論文發表者請先完成繳費後,再至大會報名系統進行線上報名,需填妥各項報名資料並上傳投稿摘要電子檔(Word檔)、繳費               證明照片後,始視為完成報名手續。投稿摘要檔案名稱請依照範例:○○○○○○(投稿論文名稱) – ○○○(姓名)。
             Email abstract and registration form to icslhm2020@gmail.com before 23:59 March 31, 2020. Late submissions will not be accepted.

             The submitted files will not be returned. Please save a copy in advance.

(三)摘要投稿早鳥優惠截止日期:2020年3月1日(星期 日)止,優惠稿件審查費用500元/篇。

Oral/poster presentation submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2020 . The submitted paper will not be returned. Please save a copy in advance.

 Notification: before Apr. 27, 2020 via e-mail. If you have not received any reply regarding your submission by Apr. 30 2020, please contact the                                 Conference Secretariat via email (icslhm2020@gmail.com).




          Presentation Note:

           l O ral presentation: 15 minutes for each presentation (Q&A not included). The presenter should provide the PowerPoint file before 9 am on the                    presentation date.

          l Poster presentation: One minute for each poster presentation on site (Q&A not included). The size of the poster is limited to 120 cm x 90 cm, and              the poster should be posted by the presenter in person.


請先至本校繳費金流系統 完成繳費,再至本大會報名系統 填妥各項報名資料,並上傳投稿摘要電子檔及繳費證明後,始視為完成報名手續。



請先至本校繳費金流系統 完成繳費,再至本大會報名系統 進行線上報名,  需填妥各項報名資料及上傳繳費證明後,始視為完成報名手續。






大陸人士報名及繳費,請參閱研討會簡介下方「 大陸人士報名及繳費方式」說明。

Registration for foreign participants, please refer to "Registration Date and Fee for Foreign Participants"

in the Introduction section