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    投稿須知 Guidelines for Abstract Submission

    Each author only has one paper as the first author in the oral presentation.


    (二)稿件繳交:論文發表者請至大會報名系統進行線上報名,填妥各項報名資料並上傳投稿摘要電子檔(Word檔),並完成繳費。投稿摘要檔案名稱請依照範例:○○○○○○(投稿論文名稱) – ○○○(姓名)。
    Registration and payment: Please register at the official online registration system. Please fill in all the required information and upload the abstract (WORD File). Then you can find the link of the payment. Payment should be settled as the completion of submission.
    The format of the file should be as follows: 

    ○○○○○○(Title of the paper submitted)-○○○(Name of Author).

    *Please keep your own copy as you need.


     Early Bird abstract submission deadline: 23:59 March 31st, 2023 (GMT+8).

     Early Bird submission fee: NT$500/per paper 

    Oral/Poster presentation submission deadline: March 31st, 2023 (GMT+8). 

    Submission fee: NT$1,000/per paper



    Notification: before May 1st, 2023 via e-mail. 

    If you have not received any reply regarding your submission by May 3rd, 2023, please contact the Conference Secretariat via email (

    *境外地區報名表單 Overseas Registration Form:
    With immediate effect, we recommend that payment be made by credit card in order to speed up the review process. Please return the proof of payment to



    For oral presentation: 15 minutes per presentation (Q&A session is not included).

    Poster presentation: 1 minute for each poster presentation on site. (Q&A session not is included).
    If there are multiple authors, only one author is allowed for on-the -stage presentation and Q&A session.

    3.口頭發表資料請以 PowerPoint 檔製作,並於發表當天報到時間將檔案繳交並存入大會電腦中。
    All oral presentation materials should be prepared in PowerPoint format and saved to the conference computer on the day of the presentation at the registration service booth.

    4.海報發表之海報規格為 120cm*90cm,請於發表當天攜帶海報至會場,並依海報編號順序自行張貼 (本會備有膠帶與圖釘) 。
    The size of the poster is 120cm * 90cm. Please bring the poster to the assigned post board on the day of presentation.


    Outstanding papers will be awarded the Excellence Research Awards.

    聯絡方式 Contact information:

    聯絡電話 Contact Number:

    投稿問題 (Abstract Submission):(02)7749-5399洪小姐Ms. Hung 

    報名系統問題 (Registration System):(02)7749-5400劉小姐Ms. Liu

    大會信箱 Email:

    徵稿文件 Manuscript Submission