2021年運動休閒與餐旅管理國際學術線上研討會2021 International E-Conference of Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Management


Since its foundation in 1999, Graduate Institute of Sport and Leisure Management of National Taiwan Normal University has dedicated to the cultivation of professionals in the sports and leisure industry. We have held international conferences every year since 2000. In 2012, in response to the name changing of the graduate institute to Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management, our annual conference incorporated the topics on hospitality management, further expanding our field of focus in both academics and industry. With this international conference, we aim at creating an international platform for communications between industries, governments and academia. Over 20 years we have invited scholars, government officials, and experts in related industries from all over the globe including America, Oceania and Asia, and students also actively participate in this event. With the conference serving as a great platform, the attendants are offered an excellent opportunity to exchange information in the fields and to collaborate with one another with academic or industrial ideas. In addition, the attendants also build rapport during discussions. With 19 years of continuous efforts, our conference has gained its recognition and supports in related fields home and abroad. It is not lost on us that we shall always keep improving and bring innovative aspects to the conference every year by setting a visionary agenda, inviting renowned scholars worldwide for keynote speeches, and calling for scholars to present their researches at the conference.


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    研討會時間 Date


    Date: May 15-16 ,2021

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    研討會主題 Topic

    (New Normal in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries)

    子題 Sub-Topics

    (Online and Offline Integration in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries amid the Pandemic)

    (Regional Revitalization in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries amid the Pandemic)

    (Smart Technology in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries amid the Pandemic)

    (Educational Innovation in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Management amid the Pandemic)

    (Health as a Paradigm in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Management amid the Pandemic)

    (Research and Innovation in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries amid the Pandemic)

    (Other Related Issues of New Normal in the Sport, Leisure, and Hospitality Industries)

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    辦理單位 Organizer

    Advisers: Ministry of Science and Technology, R.O.C.
    Sports Administration, Ministry of Education, R.O.C.
    National Taiwan Normal University

    Organizer: College of Sports and Recreation, National Taiwan Normal University

    Implementer: Graduated Institute of Sports, Leisure and Hospitality Management, National Taiwan Normal University

    Co-organizer: College of Hospitality, Retail, and Sport Management, University of South Carolina

    Sponsor: Tourism Bureau, R.O.C., Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C., Department of Information and Tourism, Taipei City Government, Gassan Asahi Tourism Association, Japan

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    備註 Remark

    Those who attend the two-day conference will receive the Certificate of Attendance in electronic edition within 30 days.

    All presenters will be issued the Certificate of Oral/poster Presentation of the sessions.

    This conference “2021 International E-Conference of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management” is partially supported by the “Taiwan's MICE Promotion Program (Meetings Exhibitions Events Travel, MEET TAIWAN)”, sponsored by the Bureau of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C..

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