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    投稿須知 Guidelines for Abstract Submission

    一、本研討會口頭發表及海報發表皆以中文或英文之研究摘要進行投稿,並由大會聘請學者專家進行審查,審查結果將由委員會視審查意見決定。 2021 ICSLHM is inviting research abstracts with original contributions, which are written in either Chinese or English. All abstracts will undergo a blind review process within two to four weeks of submission. Review results will be informed individually.

    二、未能符合規定格式撰寫之摘要,本會不予接受投稿。 Papers that do not meet the formatting requirements in the submission guidelines will not be accepted.

    三、多人合作之研究,應指定一人為主要通訊作者(Corresponding author)。 Papers with more than one authors should appoint one corresponding author.

    四、本會不接受一稿多投之稿件,凡曾投稿於其它研討會、刊載於其他刊物之稿件,本會一概拒絕接受投稿,一切法律問題由投稿者自行負責。 Research abstracts submitted to 2021 ICSLHM should be original contributions and should not have been previously published nor under consideration for publication elsewhere. Any abstract found being presented or published elsewhere will be rejected.

    五、本研討會將從投稿論文稿件中擇選數篇優秀論文獎,並頒發優秀論文獎狀。 The conference will provide several Research Excellence Awards for outstanding papers.

    六、Tel (02)7749-5399/ mail:

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    Completeness: A complete abstract should contain Introduction and Research Objective, Literature Review, Research Method, Findings and  Discussion, Conclusion and Suggestion, and Reference List.


            Pages: Excluding the reference list, the length of the abstract should be no less than 2 pages, no more than 4 pages in A4 size.

    (三)版面邊界:A4 尺寸排版,邊界上下左右各留 2.5 公分。
    Margin for pages: A4 paper, 2.5cm  margin on all sides.

    (四)段落間距:行距為1.15行高,與前段距離 0.5 行。
             Line and Paragraph Spacing: 1.15-spaced and 0.5 between paragraphs.

    (五)文字:中文字型為標楷體、英文字型為 Times New Roman。
    Type font: Times New Roman.

    Title of Paper:  16-point size font, in bold, the first letter of each word should be capitalized.

    (七)作者:字體大小12號,作者姓名列於論文題目下方置中,並註記機關與職稱,若超過 2 位作者,請在姓名後面加上標編號。
    Author’s name: 12-point size font, underneath the topic, centered, noted with affiliation and title. Number the authors if there more than one.

    Content: 1.15-spaced, 12-point size font, justified. Heading in bold.

    Keywords: underneath the abstract and before the reference list, limit the number of keywords to 5.

    Tables and figures: shall be labelled, numbered and with a brief description, 12-point size font.

    Page number: centered at page-end, 10-point size font.

    Reference: Please follow the APA 6th edition style guide published in 2010.

    Please refer to the "Download" section of the official website for a sample of abstract.

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    注意事項 Other notes
    (一)口頭發表每人以投稿一篇為限。 For oral presentations, each presenting author is limited to submitting a maximum of one abstract. (二)稿件繳交:論文發表者請先完成繳費後,再至大會報名系統進行線上報名,需填妥各項報名資料並上傳投稿摘要電子檔(Word檔)、繳費 證明照片後,始視為完成報名手續。投稿摘要檔案名稱請依照範例:○○○○○○(投稿論文名稱) – ○○○(姓名)。 Email abstract and registration form to before 23:59 March 31, 2021. Late submissions will not be accepted. The submitted files will not be returned. Please save a copy in advance. (三)摘要投稿早鳥優惠截止日期:2021年3月1日(星期 日)止,優惠稿件審查費用500元/篇。 (四)摘要投稿截止日期:2021年3月31日(星期二)止,來稿請自備副本,本會一概不退還稿件。 Oral/poster presentation submission deadline: Mar. 31, 2021 . The submitted paper will not be returned. Please save a copy in advance. (五)經審核通過之稿件,本會均於2021年4月27日(星期一)前以E-mail通知,若4月30日(星期四)仍未收到通知者,請儘速與本會連繫。 Notification: before Apr. 27, 2021 via e-mail. If you have not received any reply regarding your submission by Apr. 30 2021, please contact the Conference Secretariat via email ( (六)發表須知: 1.口頭發表時間每人預計15分鐘(不含討論時間);海報發表採1分鐘口頭即席報告方式進行。 2.口頭發表資料請以PowerPoint檔製作,並於發表當天報到時間(上午8時30分至9時)將檔案繳交並存入大會準備之電腦中。 3.海報發表之海報規格為120cm*90cm,並於發表當天報到時間將海報依個人編號自行張貼(本會備有膠帶與圖釘)。 Presentation Note: l O ral presentation: 15 minutes for each presentation (Q&A not included). The presenter should provide the PowerPoint file before 9 am on the presentation date. l Poster presentation: One minute for each poster presentation on site (Q&A not included). The size of the poster is limited to 120 cm x 90 cm, and the poster should be posted by the presenter in person.