Courses for Master's program

Required Course / 11 credits
Required Course
Research Methodology
Advanced Statistics
Student can select same courses above two under College of Sports and Recreation
Topics on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Industry
Seminar on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management (I) (1credit)
Seminar on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management (II) (1credit)
Core Elective Course / 15 credits
Area of Sports and Leisure Industry
Leisure Psychology and Behavioral Studies
Recreational Management and Environmental Education
Studies in Marketing of Sport and Leisure
Studies in Evolution of Leisure: Historical and Philosophical Perspectives
Studies in Leisure Sociology
Seminar on International Trends of Sport and Leisure
Studies in Sport and Leisure Anthropology
Financial Management of Sport and Leisure
Leisure and Community Development
Human Resource Management in Sport and Leisure Industry
Seminar on Professional Sport Management
Studies in Sport Consumer Behavior
Studies of Behavior Science in Sport and Leisure
Area of Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Revenue and Profit Management
Investment and Financial Management in Hospitality
Studies in Hospitality Management (E)
Studies in Strategic Management in Hospitality
Studies in Hospitality Marketing Management (E)
Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Hospitality Industry
Studies in Hospitality Consumer Behavior (E)
Hospitality Facilities Development and Design (E)
Free Elective Course / 12 credits
Teaching & Research
Multivariate Statistics Analysis
Analyses and Evaluation of Qualitative Research
Studies in Hospitality Education Training and Teaching Skill
Industry Management
Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management Internship
Seminar on Mega-Event Management and Marketing
Seminar on Sport Facility Planning and Management : Principles and Practices
Seminar on Brand Management in Sport Industry
Sport Brand Project Planning and Practice
Studies in New Media in Sport and Leisure Industries
Studies in Fitness Club Management
Hospitality Service Operations Management (E)
Strategic Information Systems for Hospitality Managers (E)
※ Studies in Project Planning and Management in Hospitality and MICE Industry
Recreational Therapy
Studies in Recreational Therapy
Theories and Techniques in Therapeutic Recreation
Studies in Client Assessment and Evaluation in Therapeutic Recreation
Studies in Comprehensive Therapeutic Recreation Services
Social and Cultural Trends
Studies in Sport Globalization
Studies and Practices in Sport Tourism
Marine Sports Tourism Studies and Practices
Studies in Tourist Food Consumption Behavior
Smart Tourism: The Technologies Integration and Management
Studies in Technology for Healthy Aging (E)
Customer Experience Management in Hospitality Industry (E)
Contemporary Issues for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry (E)
Studies in Health and Wellness Issues in Hospitality and Tourism
Special Topics
Special Topics on the Sport and Leisure of the Elderly
Special Topics on the Legal Issues of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management
Studies in Leisure, Health and Wellness
Studies in Physical Activity, Leisure and Health (E)
Special Topics on Sport Management
Seminar on Sport and Leisure Industry
Performance Evaluation and Decision Making Analysis in Sport and Hospitality Industries
Business Management
Hospitality Cost Management
Studies in Human Resource Management for the Hospitality Industry
Studies in Social Media Marketing in Hospitality
Designing and Planning Practices in Recreational Area
Risk Management in Recreational Programming
Studies in Economics of Sport and Leisure

Student can select courses include Group Elective Course, other departments’ courses and extramural courses. But Free Elective Courses are required to take at least 6 credits.
※ Master and Ph. D. Course

Most of our courses are instructed in Chinese.
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