Courses for Continuing Education Master's Program

Required Course / 11 credits
Research Methodology
Applied Statistical Methods
Topics on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Industry
Seminar on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management (I) (1credit)
Seminar on Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management (II) (1credit)
Free Elective Course / 21 credits
Studies in Leisure Sociology
Seminar on Therapeutic Recreation Practice
Seminar on Leisure Education
Studies in Organizational Behavior and Innovation in Leisure Industries
Seminar on Leisure and Health Promotion
Financial Management
Modern Society and Sport
Studies in Media and Information
Studies in Food Tourism and Tourist Food Consumption Behavior
Recreational Resources Management
Cultural Studies of Sport
Studies of Behavior Science in Sport and Leisure
Special Topics on the Legal Issues of Sport, Leisure and Hospitality Management
Studies in Sport and Leisure Anthropology
Planning and Operation of Recreational Area and Sport Facilities
Seminar on Sport Event Marketing and Management
Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Hospitality Industry
Studies in Hospitality Management
Performance Evaluation and Benchmark Analysis in Sport and Hospitality Industries
Studies in Hospitality and Environmental Issues
Studies in Technical Report

Most of our courses are instructed in Chinese.
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