Graduate Program in English (GPE) for Ph. D Program

Required Course / 3 credits
Required Course
Qualitative Methodology
Elective Course / 12 credits
Elective Course
Contemporary Issues for the Hospitality and Tourism Industry
Strategic Information Systems for Hospitality Managers
Studies in Hospitality Marketing Management
Studies in Hospitality Management
Studies in Hospitality Consumer Behavior
Customer Experience Management in Hospitality Industry
Hospitality Facilities Development and Design
Hospitality Service Operations Management
Studies in Technology for Healthy Aging
Studies in Physical Activity, Leisure and Health
Academic Writing and Oral Presentation for Sport and Leisure
Free Elective Course / 15 credits
Free Elective Course
The students can select all EMI courses offered in any in Ph. D program (including the joint master and Ph. D courses) from other departments or universities.
If the courses are offered by other departments or universities, they must be approved by SLHM before counted as graduate credits

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※ Degree Requirements (Attached is the Regulations for PhD Program and Graduate Degree Examinations.)