Associate Administrative SecretaryYu-Han Hung
  • Associate Administrative Secretary
  • Yu-Han Hung
  • Responsibilities:
  • 1.Teaching & curricular affairs of Master's/doctoral programs (including internship program)
  • 2.Student affairs of Master's/doctoral programs (including regulations of degree requirements, scholarships, suspension/deferral of graduate program)
  • 3.Admission of Master's/doctoral programs (including admissions through screening and recommendations and entrance exams)
  • 4.Human resources affairs (including recruitments, faculty promotion review, evaluation, faculty evaluation committee)
  • 5.Holding institute meetings, curriculum committee meetings, admission committee meetings, etc.
  • 6.Other affairs pertaining to above topics
  • Tel(02)7749-5399
Administrative AssistantYong-Chi Liu
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Yong-Chi Liu
  • Responsibilities:
  • 1.General affairs (including expense planning, purchase & expense reimbursement, managements of office properties & venue rentals, and office maintenance)
  • 2.University evaluation affairs
  • 3.Signing and filing official documents
  • 4.Graduates and alumni association related affairs
  • 5.MOST (Ministry of Science & Technology) projects, industry-university collaborative projects, cooperative education projects
  • 6.Other affairs pertaining to above topics
  • Tel(02)7749-5400
Administrative AssistantTing-Yu Wu
  • Administrative Assistant
  • Ting-Yu Wu
  • Responsibilities:
  • 1.Affairs of In-service Master's Programs (including student affairs, educational affairs, curriculum, admission, expense reimbursement)
  • 2.International exchnage affairs
  • 3.Update & maintenance of the website and student database
  • 4.Official fanpage and social networking sites managementt
  • 5.Recreational events and document design
  • 6.Other affairs pertaining to above topics
  • Tel(02)7749-5398